Video Reveals How An Ancient Nutrient FORCED

Her Body To AUTOMATICALLY LOSE 82 Pounds Of Fat

Video Reveals How An Ancient Nutrient FORCED

Her Body To AUTOMATICALLY LOSE 82 Pounds Of Fat

Stop Food & Sugar Cravings, Lose Belly Fat Forever & Have More Energy With This


With ZERO ‘Crazy’ Workouts, No Expensive Diets, And Certainly No Giving Up Your Favorite Food…

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Yes, we’ve all been there… IT’S NOT YOUR FAULT. 

You’re constantly researching for PROVEN solutions to get rid of stubborn fat and have tried several diets and have bought a bunch of weight loss products from the so-called “experts”.

But no matter what you do, you always find yourself right where you started.

I’d be willing to bet, one of these 3 scenarios will sound very familiar to you…

  1. You have stubborn belly fat that’ll not go away regardless of the diets you try or how much you work out.
  2. Maybe you find yourself in the weird limbo each month. Where you lose 5 pounds today. only to gain it all back next week. The problem is, you are yet to identify the root of your weight gain. So you can’t really win a battle if you don’t know the cause of why you are gaining weight.
  3. Or maybe you are at the early stages, and you’ve just started gaining fat in the strange places and can’t fall asleep and/or stay asleep, moody and irritable if you get too hungry, experiencing painful or uncomfortable bloating (especially after eating meals).

If you are in any of those categories, trust me, I get it. I’ve personally worked with thousands of people in these scenarios.

Not to mention, I also found myself stuck at each stage. So yes, I know exactly what you are going through.

In fact, my specialty is helping people who are in that exact position, breakthrough to get the sexy body and flat belly they always wanted

I can’t count the number of times someone has been completely blown away after trying the Shred Secrets program.

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Vanessa lost 82.2 POUNDS

here's what Vanessa had to say about her almost magical transformation:

“I was at the grocery store getting a few things  and I noticed an old friend I hadn’t seen in a while staring at me from afar,  when I got in line to pay for my items, she walked up to me and said “Do I know you” in a low and shy tone,  I smiled and said yes we went to school together, she didn’t recognize me after I lost 82.2  pounds she was at a  loss for words  because she was so used to seeing me obese. That made me feel so good! on the inside I’m so glad I gave this easy to follow system a try I recommend it all the time thank you coach Roddy.”

here’s what Samantha Jenkins had to say about her life changing transformation:

“I was able to easily say goodbye to my food cravings for good that use to be the hardest thing to do before I did the Shred Secrets Program. After easily flushing away 49 pounds without going to the gym. My hair is longer and shinier now to plus I am back in my “skinny jeans” and I have more energy than ever before I got my hourglass shape back. My husband cannot keep his hands off me, I am glad the passion has been restored in our marriage..”

Samantha lost 49 POUNDS

Joann Gilmore lost 42 POUNDS

Joann Gilmore also had a jaw dropping transformation.

“WOW, I feel like my prayers were answered, after gaining 42 pounds I felt like I didn’t recognize the women I saw in the mirror I had no confidence, and low self-esteem I would avoid my reflection in mirrors at all cost  after trying the Shred Secrets program I lost the 42 pounds plus an extra 10 pounds, I feel so much younger,  and have the confidence to start dating again, thank you Roddy and the Shred Secrets staff for making this easy for me.”

Jenna Pettis also had a jaw dropping transformation.

When I heard about the Shred Secrets program I started using right away and immediately noticed I had a burst of energy just after the third day, it wasn’t a struggle to wake up in the anymore, because I was having better quality sleep which put me in a great mood in the morning even though I am not a morning person. The BEST part is when I had to go shopping for new clothes because my old close was fitting too loosely, then I got a haircut to complete my body transformation. I am glad I lost my weight fast WITHOUT long boring workouts or tasteless cardboard-like food. The program was simple to understand and easy to follow. All my friends always ask me “ what did I do”

Jenna Pettis 

lost over 124 pounds

Here is what Natalie Brookhaven had to say about Shred Secrets

“Before I started using the Shred Secrets it was impossible for me to lose weight, I lost over 124 pounds in total, my skin is much clearer, and I am energetic throughout my entire day, my friends hardly recognize me after all the weight I lost. I can finally fit into my grandmother’s dress that she gave me to wear on my wedding day. I am excited about my special day in July to marry the love of my life.”

Over 17.623 have used this breakthrough weight loss system here is what Sophia Harris had to say

“After my divorce, I became severely depressed and obese, I lost complete control, of my eating. I developed a relationship with food and would give into my food and sugar cravings, that left me with even more depressed and obese. I didn’t have the energy I needed to play with my 3 children, But after trying the shred secrets system I noticed I got an overflow of energy overnight and I lost 12 pounds within days, my belly was shrinking EVERYDAY, I also was able to sleep better, I am no longer depressed about my weight because I lost ALL my unwanted fat which was a total of 123.7  pounds I am so HAPPY I the have the energy to play with my children, enrolling in the shred secrets program was the best decision I ever made.”

lost over 123.7 POUNDS

lost 19 POUNDS

Kerry Roberts also had a jaw dropping transformation.

“The Shred Secrets system was an absolute blessing, I was skeptical at first but when I tried it I was losing weight so fast I thought my scale had broken, so I went to Wal-Mart to buy and new scale and NOPE I really did lose 19 pounds in the first 21 days, the cellulite on my butt was finally gone. I’m so glad I can wear pencil skirts again. I love the compliments that receive daily now glad I made the investment.”

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TODAY ONLY $97 $37



Available Worldwide
60 Day Money-Back Guarantee

But Well Before I Started Helping Others Get Rid of Unwanted Fat, I Could Barely Help Myself…

Before I ever achieved even a tiny taste of success, I made a ton of mistakes along the way. So many times. I was ready to just give up…it was horrible.

When I first started out, I tried working out every morning, following one strict diet plan after another and even tried some of the overhyped expensive diet pills being shoved in our face wherever you look these days.

Nothing worked out for me. I was ready to accept my fate that this is what I will forever be and convinced I would never be able to know what it feels like to look myself in the mirror without feeling completely disgusted with how my obese body looked.

I was desperate. I followed course after course. And was constantly hemorrhaging money.

Of course, you know exactly what I’m talking about, right?

Like I said, I was sitting in your exact position…


Until One Day, Everything Took A Turn For The Better…


I created the Shred Secrets system because I didn’t want anyone to feel the embarrassment and self-consciousness I went through because they have too much FAT covering up their beautiful body, I dropped over 112 pounds using this system that took me 8 years to create over 17,623 women and men have used this program and over 500,000 pounds have been lost. This is an easy to follow simple to understand fast track solution that will save you a lot of frustration & agony you’ve already been dealing with trying to lose weight, I look forward to reading your testimonial soon.

I Built This Program For People Who Are Tired Of Struggling To Lose Weight


After over 8 years of hard work, testing, and tweaking this revolutionary system – I’m finally ready to let you part with THE SECRET of how to easily lose stubborn fat in a ridiculously short amount of time…with ease.

For a select number of lucky people, I am offering a step by step system that you can use to burn all your stubborn body fat without

without EVER stepping a foot in the gym just to be laughed at or criticized by judgmental gym rats, also without starving yourself or taking dangerous pills.

When you enroll and start using this system TODAY, you will understand why you haven’t been losing weight despite starving yourself of good delicious food and performing strenuous workouts.

Before you sign up TODAY let me tell you a few things inside this revolutionary program you can start using tonight.

  • A Powerful fat-burning smoothie that can help you burn up to 9 pounds of fat in a couple of days. I discovered the smoothie in South America, and it’s capable of helping you to burn your body fat even while you’re sleeping or doing nothing. In this program, you will learn the step by step on how you can make this smoothie this is on page 39.
  • How you can stop your cravings for sugar, increase your libido and have a sharper and clearer mind. Miss this, and you’ll have yourself to blame.
  • The well-kept SECRET on how you can get rid of chronic fatigue that leaves you tired and grumpy all the time. your quality of sleep will also improve with this. You’ll be sleeping like a baby after you read this.
  • How you can successfully tackle metabolic syndrome and give your metabolism the push it needs to activate the fat burning mechanism in your body.
  • How to cleanse the toxins in your bloodstream. These toxins can cause high blood pressure, chronic fatigue, diabetes, and CANCER.
  • The 4 most commonly misunderstood weight loss beliefs that make you keep adding more pounds of fat every day. You need to get rid of these beliefs to speed up your fat loss.
  • 3 fruits that you should throw away right now! You probably have these fruits in your kitchen, and they are contributing to your weight gain.
  • One simple thing you can do while on your bed to flatten your belly.

Yep! This is stacked-full with EVERYTHING you’ll possibly need to embark on your journey.

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Anti-Aging Guide (Value $129.99)

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This contains the critical information you need to REDUCE the appearance of aging, using secret breakthrough methods used by celebrities.

Bonus #2

Stretch mark treatment and prevention guide (value $199.99)

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Wouldn’t it be nice to not have to worry about your stretch marks anymore! This bonus shows you natural ways to prevent and clear your stretch marks, so you can look good wearing your bathing suit on the beach.

Bonus #3

Anti-acne guide (value $99.99)

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This bonus teaches you the surefire way to treat the skin imperfections by tackling it from the root to have flawless skin like celebrities such as Beyoncé, Katie Perry, Jennifer Lawrence to name a few.

Bonus #4

The complete detox guide (Value $109)

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This Bonus shows you how to flush out toxins from your body that hinders your body from burning fat and functioning correctly, which can lead to various diseases and health problems.

Bonus #5

The Accelerated Fat Loss Booster (Value $109)

Bonus Image

This bonus helps you to melt fat fast like a flame next to a of a stick of butter. Imagine the shocked face your friends, family, or even coworkers will have when they see your slim, toned body. They’re going to be so envious of you.

But there is one thing…

Enrollment into this program won’t be open for much longer. This is because I’m deeply invested in my member’s outcome and takes personal time to follow-up with each member and monitor their progress.

So because I can only work with a few people at a time, I can only accept a handful of members to keep the integrity and reliability of this revolutionary program.

But no worries.

I’m all about simplicity, which includes giving you an easy decision.

You Can Try Out Shred Secrets Completely Risk-Free!

I want to guarantee you take advantage of this program TODAY, and feel great about it.

You’re protected by our 60 Days money-back guarantee. If for any reason at all you’re not completely satisfied, get in touch with our team and we will give you a hassle-free complete refund. It’s that simple. I’m taking ALL the risk here not you.

“Yes, I’m Ready to Dive In!”

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